A123, Step right up and git yer A123 here!

copied from here: http://www.mavizen.com/A123.html

I was interviewing Azhar Hussain, MBE this morning because, well . . . that’s how I roll. :D

All kidding aside, after I hit the stop button he had one of those d’oh moments and told me about the big discount Mavizen was offering on A123 batteries for TTXGP teams or the Formula Student EV racing series.  I don’t want to quote numbers, but some quick math says you are looking at about a 15% discount.  That is in the neighborhood of about $1500 in savings on a 7.5kWh pack.

“But what if Ilive in a hole and only do the FIM races?”  Well, sign up to do one TTXGP race, get your batteries for this season, do the one TTXGP race, tell them what they do wrong, and be on your merry way, I guess.  Who only races the e-Power series?

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