• [Article 3699]Where in the World is Shelina Moreda!?

    Courtesy of She’z Racing

    It seems to me that keeping track of Shelina’s comings and goings this past month plus has been a kin keeping track of a 9yr-old chugging on a 2 liter bottle of Mt Dew. Few, I fear are up to the task. Thankfully Shelina has taken the time to give us one of her updates, complete with pictures and everything. Now, this is her news letter and I am leaving the information you need to sign up for it yourself, if you wish. Here you go:

    My Wall Street Journal Feature & Race Recaps! ….(and I broke my phone)

    I have some updates! First order of business is that I broke my phone when I was in Daytona, on my way to Qatar, so I’ve been without a phone for a month. If you’ve tried to contact me and I did not respond, I apologize, that’s why. I just got home and I’ll have my new phone tomorrow, so you can reach me again.

    Second order of business is my updates for this month! One highlight is that the Wall Street Journal featured me in a video! They spent a couple of days with me at the ranch and at the all-girls Girlz MotoCamp that I put on in Petaluma. It’s a huge accomplishment and stepping stone to me to have the Wall Street Journal take interest in what I’m doing as a Pro Racer and entrepreneur in the Motorsports industry.

    (click on the link to watch it, or copy this link: http://on.wsj.com/1iCsyr3 )

    Asphalt & Rubber took interest in the camps as well, and with our next camp just around the corner, A&R grabbed ahold of our most recent camp video for an awesome article this week.

    Also just got back from one of the most awesome months of my racing career, jam packed with travel and riding with and learning from some of the fastest guys in the world!
    Started out a month ago at Kenny Roberts’ ranch, riding with Kurtis Roberts and learning how much I don’t know! I picked up a lot from Kurtis and was able to put some of it to use the very next week on big bikes. My first real Flat Track experience and I raced a 450 on the Savannah Half Mile! Big thanks to Michelle Disalvo and Aaron Yates for coming to help me out. I had a great time racing with BMC Racing and Mitch Harvat, and I brought home several trophies, 2nd, 3rd and two 4ths!! I’m Hooked!

    The high banking of Daytona was next, on my AMA Pro Vance & Hines Harley Davidson! It’s the best race I’ve had so far on the Harley, in that I battled with some guys I had never been able to keep up with (and I came out in front of that pack… which the boys are not happy about ;)  I am stoked on our 14th place finish and we were not too far behind the lead pack of 11, who all finished within 0.6 seconds of eachother!

    After Daytona I was off to Qatar to race my first Night Race and it was during Moto GP weekend, so even more thrilling!! We had a lot of trouble with suspension in Qatar and things were getting lost in translation with my team, but we still came out in 4th place in the LARRS race with my QMMF Racing Team. Another highlight in Qatar was getting to ride the Arabian desert on Quads with some of the rest of the QMMF Racing Team.

    After Qatar I made a quick decision to head to Spain to train with some fast Aussie racers; Anthony West (Moto 2 rider), Alex Cudlin, (World Endurance Racer), up-and coming Lawson Walters, and their trainer, Bernie Hatton. We raced Go Karts and rode in the Spanish Dirt and I had an absolute blast.
    And some Pictures:
    My first real (big bike) Flat Track experience, with BMC Racing and Mitch Harvat, brought me several trophies, 2nd, 3rd and two 4ths!! Raced in Savannah Georgia and Volusia Florida!
    FINISH LINE at Daytona! (that’s me in front, #93) on my Chilipepper Racing machine! It was Hot, Hot, Hot!!!
    Quads in the Desert Sands of Qatar! With some of the QMMF Racing Team; Manca Katrasnik (Slovenia), myself, Viktoria Kis (Hungary), and Anthony West (Australia)
    Knee down in the Night Race at Qatar! On my QMMF Racing Team machine! (photo thanks to SuperStoked.me) 
    King (ok Queen) of the Mountain!! Looking down at our riding spot where we were riding TT track in Madrid, Spain!
    Ready to Ride at our spot in Madrid, Spain! with Anthony West, Alex Cudlin and Shelina Moreda (that’s me)
    Thank you to all of my sponsors who make these milestone media appearances and rad racing experiences possible.
    ChiliPepperRacing.com, QMMF Racing Team, BMC Racing, Brammo, Parker Hannifin, She’z Racing, GP Fabrication, Paul Diener, Elvis Johns, Arai, AXO, G&B Motorsports, FinishLine Fitness, Impact Safe-T Armor, Vance & Hines, GoPro, NP Moto, and Chuck Desimio!
    If you want to be a bigger part of my awesome racing adventures, we always appreciate new partnerships and sponsorships, please email me at Shelina@ShezRacing.com for more information.
    You are not necessarily on my Race Reports mailing list. This email is going out to ALL of my contacts because I needed to let everyone know I have not had a phone for a month.
    If you want to check out more of what I’ve been up to, reply with ADD ME to let me know to add you to the Race Reports group and you can also check out www.ShezRacing.com
    On the flip side, if you want to be removed from future update emails from me, please respond with REMOVE ME in the subject line.
    Thanks for all of your support!!
    Shelina Moreda

    #93 AMA, FIM, TTXGP
    Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead, Go Instead Where There Is No Path, And Leave A Trail.

  • [Article 3690]Brammo now offering leasing on their Empulse models

    Courtesy of Brammo

    The newsletter I got pretty much says it all, and is below for your viewing pleasure. However, I would like to point out that as of only a few months ago you could get a 3 year lease on a Ford Focus Electric for $166 a month with just under $4000 down. But Brammo’s literature is right. This all but eliminates the financial risk of owning an electric motorcycle. Clever thinking there guys.

    Facebook icon Twitter icon Forward icon

    Adrian G Stewart Brammo Inc astewart@brammo.com – For Immediate Release – Pioneering Motorcycle Lease Program Announced by Brammo TALENT, Ore., April 3rd, 2014 Brammo, Inc., is pleased to announce a low cost lease program for the Brammo Empulse and Empulse R starting at just $299 per month. This pioneering lease program offers customers a low initial payment, no risk on resale value, and the convenience of returning a motorcycle without the hassle of reselling it personally. From the outset, Brammo has designed and built premium products that are both reliable and durable. This approach has built customer confidence in Brammo products and that confidence is fully reflected in Brammo resale values. Even so, some customers want the reassurance of a lease program, where Brammo assumes responsibility for the resale value of the motorcycle in three or even four years from now. The new Brammo lease program, when combined with our 5-year battery warranty, offers customers complete certainty about the cost of Brammo ownership. Craig Bramscher, Founder and CEO of Brammo said, “Today’s announcement once again demonstrates our absolute confidence in Brammo products. Customers can now ride a Brammo and know with confidence what that experience will cost over the next three or four years.”  “We are very excited to be introducing this ground breaking lease program on behalf of our customers”. Brammo Lease Program Rates shown for customers with exceptional credit approved by a participating lender. All amounts shown are estimates.

    Brammo Model MSRP Down Payment 13% of MSRP Monthly payment for 36 months Monthly payment for 48 months
    Empulse R $18995 $2469 $325 $299
    Empulse $16995 $2209 $299 $269

    Brammo Empulse Lease Program Includes down payment with no security deposit. Excludes taxes, titles and fees. For well-qualified lessees. Open-end lease for Empulse and Empulse R, available to customers who qualify for the Approved Power Sports Leasing Preferred credit tier. Not all lessees will qualify. Higher lease rates apply for lessees with lower credit ratings.  MSRP excludes destination, tax, license, title fees, registration, documentation fees, options, and insurance. See your Authorized Brammo dealer for details. Specifications – See the Brammo website for detailed product specifications. www.brammo.com About Brammo Brammo Inc. is a leading electric vehicle technology company headquartered in North America. Brammo designs and develops electric vehicles including the award winning Enertia and Empulse motorcycles. Brammo is the 2013 North America, FIM eRR World Cup Champion. Brammo is an OEM supplier of its innovative Brammo Digital Drivetrain systems including the Brammo Power battery pack and Brammo Power vehicle management system. Brammo has vehicle distribution and marketing operations in North America, Europe, and Asia. To learn more, visit www.Brammo.com


  • [Article 3680]Mission Motors back in Racing, Official supplier of Mugen

    Edit: As pointed out on this Asphalt & Rubber piece Mission Motors has not revealed exactly what they are supplying Mugen. I jumped to conclusions. There was a rumor that Mugen’s motor for their first attack on the TT was a Mission Motors unit. But that is still unconfirmed, and no excuse for misleading anyone. I would like to note that there are only three basic components to an electric drivetrain: motor, controller, and battery pack. Thank you.

    Sorry, no pictures for you all. I didn’t get pictures sent to me. Either way I think it is exciting news that Mission Motors is officially back in racing as we know it. I got the word from Mission Motors themselves, which is even cooler. I have Mission Motor’s press release, and the press release from Mugen Euro’s website. Mugen will be fielding two bikes and riders this year by bringing back John McGuiness and adding Bruce Anstey, who has 9 TT wins to his own name.

    This brings about the silly season question of if 2 time TT Zero champion Michael Rutter will run the electric race this year. While I have heard nothing official, I have seen a report that MotoCzysz will not be running this year. And Mark Miller has a ride on the Italian Vercar Moto. So will he defend his title? Well I am not in a position to ask at the moment, but it is fun to take a second to speculate. As I reported earlier Saroléa is only a few weeks from revealing their new machine. Could Rutter be their rider for this year? Darned if I know. I have the feeling that Rutter is very loyal to MotoCzysz, and I feel there may be as much a chance he won’t race the TT Zero as there is that he will. We will see.

    Check out the press releases below for the details:


    Contact: Mission Motors  M-TEC Co., Ltd (MUGEN) +1.415.666.2000  +81 (0)48-462-3111 info@ridemission.com takuya_kawase@mugen-power.com tomohiko_izumi@mugen-power.com
    San Francisco, California, USA – April 2, 2014 – Mission Motors, a developer of cutting- edge electric vehicle technology, has been named a supplier and sponsor of Team MUGEN SHINDEN SAN superbike for the 2014 Isle of Man TT Zero Challenge.
    “Mission has an active motorsports program, with projects in both hybrid and electric racing,” said Mission Motors CEO, Derek Kaufman.  “We are honored to be a marquis supplier and sponsor to Team MUGEN Shinden as they look to eclipse last year’s records.”
    Team MUGEN Shinden director added, “Mission Motors and MUGEN have had a good relationship creating and developing exclusive electric power units for the Isle of Man TT project.”
    Mission is a leading specialist in electric powertrain innovation, working with many major vehicle manufacturers on all aspects of HEV/EV powertrain technology. Mission’s project team employed this expertise to support Team MUGEN Shinden during engineering design and development activities.  “We are introducing some exciting new technology for the MUGEN SHINDEN SAN race bikes,” said Mission’s Director of Powertrain Systems Engineering, Mark Sherwood.  “Our engineers have worked alongside Team MUGEN Shinden to learn from their race data.  For the 2014 Isle of Man TT, we have engaged in rapid new product development that truly raises the bar for electric motorcycles on and off the racetrack.”
    With initial integration work now completed, track testing will continue through the spring.  Mission is confident that Team MUGEN Shinden has what it takes to capture their first TT Zero victory and a new lap record.
    About Mugen Motorsports
    MUGEN designs, develops, assembles, and markets automotive engines for racing.  Mugen also designs, develops, manufactures, and markets motorsports engines, chassis, parts, and components for Honda cars, including technical services at racing circuits. http://www.mugen-power.com/english/
    About Mission Motors
    Mission Motors designs, develops and produces optimized electric powertrain components that incorporate the company’s proprietary technology. The company offers energy storage systems, drive systems, control systems, and software intelligence for automotive, powersports, marine and heavy equipment applications. Mission Motors is a full partner to vehicle manufacturers, meeting their development, production supply and aftermarket needs. Mission helps its customers bring higher performance electric and hybrid vehicles to market faster and at lower development cost. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Mission’s team combines expertise from the automotive, powersports, robotics, battery and software industries. Learn more at http:// www.ridemission.com





    MUGEN jpeg PR use only-CROPPED

    TEAM MUGEN Double Assault on TT Zero 2014

    M-Tec Co., Ltd president, Mr Shin Nagaosa, today formally announced the participation of TEAM MUGEN in the TT Zero class at the Isle of Man TT event to be held during May/June 2014.

    For 2014 the team will compete with two MUGEN Shinden bikes for the first time, with 20-time TT winner John McGuinness, who will be competing for the 3rd time with TEAM MUGEN in TT Zero, joined by long-time friend and TT rival, Bruce Anstey. McGuinness, who narrowly missed out on his first TT Zero victory in 2013 with a lap of over 109mph, will expect to be pushed hard by his new team-mate Anstey, who himself has a tally of 9 Isle of Man TT victories to his credit, and a fierce, but friendly, duel can be expected.

    The formidable pair will be supported with an all-new bike, currently named SHINDEN SAN, which the team promises will have more power, and yet more record speeds are anticipated over the course of the event.

    A spokesman for the team said “we are extremely excited to have secured the services of two such experienced proven winners around the TT mountain course, and the team will be pulling out all the stops to provide them with the machinery to go for the first TT Zero victory for TEAM MUGEN”.

    No further details are available for SHINDEN SAN at this time, and the bike will be revealed later in the Spring.


    TT Zero Challenge started in 2009 as a new class requiring the entrants to ride motorcycles with zero emission engines emitting no CO2. The race is run in a time-trial format over a course of approximately 60km of mixed terrain around the isle.

  • [Article 3684]Sarolèa to reveal TT Zero bike on 26APR14

    Courtesy of Saroléa
    Courtesy of Saroléa


    Ok, so between intermittent WiFi on the ship, getting used to this new tablet, and trying to get outside help to get the above image in a separate file, I’ve been beating my head into a wall to get this one out to you folks. Tell you what though, if I didn’t have real things to spend my money on I’d be buying a plane ticket and be there in person for this launch. I just have a feeling these guys are used to doing things right. And while the bike may or may not be particularly successful on the track this year, I get the feeling they are a team worthy of our attention.

    Very cool.

  • [Article 3673]The Life Aquatic

    My personal cabin
    My personal cabin


    Hello everyone.  It has been some time.  I have been working hard in my new job. I am not sure how this whole blogging while out to sea thing is going to work out as we have yet to start a normal schedule. I have my new tablet and am hopeful, but WordPress does not have an app for Windows RT 8.1 yet, and internet is going to be sketchy at best. Hopefully I will be able to edit podcasts while I am out to sea.

    One of the fun things is that while we are not using their motors, we sure do use a lot of Parker product. Air hose type stuff mostly.  It is going to be a rough transition for sure as it looks like I am going to have to start looking after one of my family members.  I have so many podcasts to edit still that are so old.  Not to mention a story that Brian and Kenyon took their time to get me info for.  I actually gave Kenyon a bit of a hard time about it, so I owe him one, or two even.

    Some news that I have been able to pick up on is that Mark Miller is going to ride for the Italian VercarMoto in this year’s TT Zero.  No recent word from the Belgian team on if their bike is ready.  I am having to do this from memory but I am sure Mugen is ready to go.  And while I have heard nothing official, it seems MotoCzysz will not be attending this year.  I was really hoping Darvill Racing would join in the TT Zero frenzy with their race prepped Brammo Empulses, but they will be doing other IoM events competing head to head with the gas bikes.  In some ways that’s cooler.  The Buckeyes are hard at work on their bike and look to be podium contenders yet again. I have not heard anything about the other school teams, but again I don’t have the resources to really track things down.  The depressing news is that the TT will be going on in the middle of one of my 5 week work rotations. Can you say gutted?

    In other news, the first round of the eMR went off.  I know nothing other than that.  And round to is coming up.  Shelina Moreda has been all over the place doing commercials and racing her keester off, but a bunch in Qatar.  The elephant in the room has been the eRR.  There should be no excuses this year as all the contract negotiations happened last year, but it is freaking’ almost April, and nothing.  I had been doing my best to track things down over the winter until I got sick.  Rumor had it at that time that races in North America had gone the way of the Do-do, but there were to be some races in Europe.  I don’t know about you guys, but I haven’t heard a thing.  And I remember how much I stuck my neck out last year and defended them.  Its looking like I let it get chopped off.

    Well that’s all I have for now.  If you know more, please fill everyone in the comments.

    Thank you.



  • [Article 3662]How Actually Having the Money skews Your View

    From inhabitat.com


    From MotorcycleUSA.com
    From MotorcycleUSA.com

    BUT NO

    From Pintrest


    I knocked this little thing out right before leaving.  I hope you find it interesting, maybe even thought-provoking.  Fingers crossed.

    For some it may happen without them realizing, for others it’s no big deal, but when my situation changes in life and a new perspective come forward from the depths of my brain that I hadn’t shined a light on before, I get frustrated.  Where was this perspective earlier?  What didn’t I think about, and how didn’t I think about it for me not to realize this differing perspective.  Drives me a little bonkers, but at the same time I thought it might be an interesting subject to write about.  As I look forward to being paid more than I ever have before in my life, of course I start spending it in my head.  I want this, and that , and that over there.  And I think elmotos are soo freakin’ cool I have a blog and podcast dedicated to them.  How would I not support an industry that I have worked hard to support, with what I had, financially now that it is within reach?  It’s a good question.  And the short answer is that it doesn’t fit what I need.  Right now I don’t have a car, or a house, much less a garage.  And I am content with that as the cost of my rent is low.  But, I have to go to the laundromat, and get groceries.  My bicycle and trailer are set up so that I can do those things, but in the cold of winter when I’m not as fit, and that PITA of a hill on the way home, well it’s not easy-peasy.  A car would go a long way to improving my quality of life.  But I have developed a real aversion to gas-powered cars.  Every time someone tells me they just had to have this or that thing repaired, which 9 times out of 10 doesn’t even exist on an electric car, I cringe.  I want nothing to do with gas-powered cars any more.  Nothing.  I am very seriously looking at Leasing a Ford Focus Electric.  The nice thing about Ford is that you can pay the whole lease up front.  For me, whose credit is, well laughable at the moment, this is huge.  Also, by saving my pennies and paying for the thing up front I have no commitments.  And no matter what happens I have a car for the term of the lease.  Now the Focus is no Tesla, and has roughly a 75 mile range.  Fortunately Nashville is loaded with charging stations.  But with me being in a month or better rotation, and the limited range, should help me stay within the confines of the millage limits imposed by the lease.  I’ve talked it over with friends and a salesman, and when I presented my whole case every saw my point, and agreed it wasn’t a wholly foolish idea.  Could I get a Brammo and use it to do groceries and laundry.  Yes, but the winter would still be a pain, and I can’t take me and a friend to our favorite MTB trails on a Brammo.  The electric motorcycle loses out to an electric car with less range.  At least in this situation.

    For some reason while I despise gas-powered cars, and particularly the high cost of owning one (well a used one anyway), I am perfectly OK with owning a gas-powered motorcycle.  I’ve owned two Honda motorcycles in the past, and while they had their fair share of repair costs, generally I spent way more on mods than I ever did on things breaking.  But I also have never owned a motorcycle with as many miles on it as cars I have owned.  So while I seem quite at peace with this massive cognitive dissonance, I have started lusting for a VFR1200F something awful.  I have only ever owned Honda V4s.  My first bike was an ’86 VF500F, my second was a ’91 VFR750F a year later, that I then put 50,000 miles on.  If you follow this blog you’ll know that I bought a new-to-me ’86 VF500F, that is waiting in my buddy’s cold garage for may new parts to be installed on it, and has yet to be fired up.  So the VFR1200F is a bit of a logical conclusion.  But I’m not one who really yearns for 140+hp much less 600lbs of bike.  But I need a mile muncher.  The electric Focus is not going to get me to races, and even if it could, there goes my mileage limit.  Besides, long distance travel in a car is so bleh.  I’ve ridden up and down both coasts and even coast to coast.  A motorcycle is much more fun (and speedy).  The VFR1200′s range and small tank, and 35mpg rating are drawbacks though.  But like the Focus it suits my style of riding and what I want it to do.  Plus it’s a really nice bike.

    So with the electric Focus, and a VFR1200 it seems my transportation needs are met.  An Empulse just doesn’t fill a need, and I can’t have too many vehicles.  I am really struggling with what to do with my 500.  I have some cool parts for it that will greatly improve the ride and handling performance.  I might as well use them, but I’m not sure I’ll ever recoup my money in it.  I am struggling with the idea of keeping it.  It actually doesn’t fit me very well at all.  I am 6’2″ and there is very little leg room.  So if I am struggling with the idea of keeping a classic, then an Empulse doesn’t stand a chance at the moment.  Sure, if I owned a home and had a garage after I paid the VFR off I’d by the latest Brammo.  Honestly the Empulse would be a perfect replacement for the 500.  It’s about the same power, but about 50lbs heavier.  But much cheaper to run, and with over 20,000 miles on the 500, potentially much more reliable.  I would be much more likely to run errands in town, or run down to Nashville on the Empulse than I would the 500 or VFR honestly.  But I’ll potentially have an electric car for that.

    I guess if I had a gas car I could get an Empulse for commuting and errand running, but that combo still doesn’t make sense for me.  It’s and electric car for errands and a mile muncher of a sport tourer that suits my personality, needs, and wants.  If Brammo could come up with a competitor to a VFR1200F then I’d trade that bad boy in, in a second.  I’m not sure how far off they are.  The VFR really only gets about 150 miles, and fuel stops are probably closer to 20 to 30 minutes for stretching and such.  Give the bike the ability to fast charge at 1.5C up closer to 90% than say 80%, and a 45 minute stop is easier to swallow than an hour.  I don’t think matching the power, or even exceeding it would be much of a challenge either.  And I bet a 650lb elmoto feels as light if not lighter than the 600lb VFR.  The problem would be the size of the bike with enough battery stuffed in it to get a 150 mile combined range.  If I get to the point where I have everything paid off I want paid off, and a garage then I can see owning an Empulse and using it to run around town, or down to Nashville even.  But by then I’d also be looking hard at owning a Tesla Model X, and sending the Ford along to its next owner.  Unfortunately the market hasn’t produced an electric bike that is anything other than something for me to own for fun.  I would make use of it, but it would be an extra, not a solution to a transportation issue.

    A final fantasifull thought.   If I had my dream garage of a Model X and an electric VFR, if I had the money I think I would still want an Empulse.  It really depends on how fun the eVFR was, however.  There is something nice about dancing around town, or just out for fun, on a light peppy bike.  Hmmm.

  • [Article 3651]And yet MORE changes here at ESBK.co

    OK folks, it may be a bit premature, but I just got a new job!  Here’s the deal, I leave a week from now (09FEB14) to get a physical screening, and if I pass I won’t be home for possibly up to 8 weeks.  Then I will start a rotation of a month out to sea and a month home.  It might be a month and a half rotation, I’m not sure and won’t really know what my schedule will be for a few weeks.  You know how it is when you start a new job.  I will be an air gun mechanic, and will be working a seismic ship whose job is to search for oil.  The irony is staggering I know. ;)  Now, I will be maintaining my job at the bicycle shop during the periods when I am home one because no one wants to give up the employee discounts at a bike shop, and two, these guys gave me a chance when no one else would.  So I can’t completely abandon them.  Although it will be really good to be out of retail and back out to sea.

    This has a few meaning for you readers and listeners.  First, once I pass my physical I will take the pay walls down and make this a free site again (assuming I can get to a computer with internet).  I will also refund the 2 people who bought subscriptions their money as soon as I can.  But it also means that for the next 6-8 weeks I will not be blogging as I will be on a ship.  Now the ship has internet, but I don’t have a laptop yet.  After I get home and get that Nokia tablet I want so bad, I should be able to keep plugging along and at least have time to edit interviews on the boat.  Now the even better news is that I will be making thrice what I am now.  So I will have the time and money to actually go to races.  But not all of them, and as I have been working my way back from being homeless in 2011, and committed to help the shop while I am home, my funds and time will still be limited.  I will make at least one event.  My goal is to be debt free in a year, so I won’t be living large anytime soon.  But, that means 2015 could be a hell of a year for ESBK.co.  I also have a new carbon MTB, and possibly leasing a Ford Focus electric car as other goals for this year.  I need to get a new driver’s license when I get back though.  We shall see.

    So when this site goes dark again, as well as my Facebook page and Twitter account, don’t panic.  I’ll be back.  Ha!  See what I did there. ;)


  • [Article 3656]eMotoRacing Press Release: Solar Powered Charging at 1st Round

    Taken from http://www.solalt.com/portfolio/
    Taken from http://www.solalt.com/portfolio/
    Well, as I am getting things ready for the start of a new career (a post will be out Friday) the folks at eMR are busy getting the first elmoto race of the year to start with a bang.  While this series does read more like a riders series (not that there is anything wrong with that), they have some interesting things happening.  First former Daytona 200 winner David Sadowski will be racing and Empulse R.  You may be thinking that that’s a bit of a handy cap against hopped up Zeros, Zero SRs, and Empulse TTXs.  Well, any time you have a rider whose name is preceded by “Daytona 200 winner”, it’s a handicap the rest of the field will appreciate.  I have no idea how fast Sadowski is these days, I’m not going to be the one to bet against him.So while that is fun news it gets a bit better.  Solar Alternatives will be providing a solar-powered charging station.  [Edit] Other folks have done similar things like Lightning bringing their own solar setup to races, and the Hollywood Electrics Team had a solar generator set up at the M1GP 8 hour event.  But props go to Solar Alternatives for being among the first to step up to the plate.

    PRESS RELEASE, Feb 12, 2014
    Hi speed SOLAR POWERED Motorcycle Road Racing comes to America!
    The New Orleans based firm ‘Solar Alternatives’ will be charging eMotoRacing racebikes at the 2014
    season opener at Roebling Road Raceway.
    Races are March 1st and 2nd at this historic twisted ribbon of asphalt near Savannah, Georgia.
    Now zero-emission racing is exactly that, as the portable solar charging station from Louisiana will be in
    place to charge up to 2 of the bikes competing in the AHRMA sanctioned event.
    The charging station features 1000 watt solar panels, 16kwh gel-cell battery banks, and a 3500 watt
    power inverter.
    Solar Alternatives will also provide fossil-fuel-free charging at the eMotoRacing.com series next event at
    NOLA in New Orleans on March 29 and 30.
    Bring your ebikes to the track and be part of history!
    About Solar Alternatives:
    Solar Alternatives is a New Orleans, Louisiana-based alternative energy firm. Since 2008 they’ve
    provided affordable, productive, and durable clean energy solutions for the gulf south of the United
    States. Solar Alternatives offers a variety of solar products, including Grid-Tied and Off-Grid
    Photovoltaics, Glycol Closed-Loop Solar Thermal, Passive Batch Solar Thermal, Thermoplastic Solar Pool
    Systems, Commercial Scale Solar Process Heat and Auxiliary Residential Solar Equipment.
    Solar Alternatives provides holistic energy solutions with energy efficiency, materials recycling, and a
    preservation-minded development strategy. www.solalt.com
    About eMotoRacing:
    eMotoRacing is the only zero-emissions motorcycle road racing series based in the United States. The
    2014 season runs in conjunction with the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) CPL
    Systems Historic Cup National Roadrace Series. Races are being held at many of the nation’s finest
    eMotoRacing encourages riders to become leaders in environment conservation, and have fun and
    thrills doing it! www.eMotoRacing.com

  • [Article 3653]Former Daytona ’200′ winner David Sadowski to ride Brammo Empulse R in Round 1 of eMR series

    Courtesy of Jeff himself
    Courtesy of Jeff (not Sadowski’s ride)


    PRESS RELEASE Feb 9, 2014
    Veteran roadracer David Sadowski, winner of the 1990 Daytona ’200′, will be riding an all electric Brammo Empulse R in the eMotoRacing series opener at Roebling Road near Savannah GA March 1st and 2nd.
    The former Speed Channel expert and multiple time Formula USA winner will help kick off America’s new ebike road racing series on the production based Brammo in the eSupersport class, which includes bikes with up to 125 volts of power.
    The eMotoRacing series will race at 10 tracks around the nation in conjunction with AHRMA’s vintage and modern racing events.
    2014′s full racing schedule can be found at eMotoRacing.com or AHRMA.org.

  • [Article 3646]Press Release: Brammo UK Distributorships announced


    Brammo pr photo

    For Immediate Release

    Award Winning Brammo Empulse and Enertia Plus

    Electric Motorcycles Come to the UK

    TALENT, Ore., Feb 7th, 2014 Brammo, Inc., is pleased to announce that, as part of its European expansion, the much-anticipated Brammo Empulse, Empulse R and Enertia Plus electric motorcycles will be offered for sale in the United Kingdom commencing in the second quarter of 2014 through authorized Brammo dealerships. Brammo will be working with Going Green and Darvill Distribution to ensure success in the United Kingdom.

    Going Green has been appointed as the exclusive Brammo importer for the UK. In its role as exclusive importer it will be responsible for the development and ongoing management of the authorized dealer network for Brammo sales and service.
    Brammo enjoys an outstanding reputation for pre- and post-sales support and will maintain those high standards in the UK. Going Green will ensure that the Brammo customer experience is as enjoyable in the UK as it is in the USA.

    Darvill Distribution has been appointed by Going Green as the Brammo Agent for the UK market. Darvill will support Going Green in the area of dealer development together with the design and development of Darvill performance accessories for Brammo motorcycles to be made available on a global basis.

    Ron Luttrell, Director of Sales for Brammo said, ”We are committed to the UK market and are excited and confident that, by working with Going Green and Darvill Distribution, we have a winning formula.”

    In addition, Darvill will use its extensive racing pedigree to spearhead Brammo’s racing efforts in Europe. This will involve campaigning factory supported Brammo motorcycles against petrol-powered motorcycles and against other electric motorcycles. This effort is a continuation of Brammo’s dedication to European racing which began with its podium finish at the inaugural Isle of Man TTXGP race in 2009. Brammo is currently the 2013 North America, FIM eRR World Cup Champion.

    About Brammo

    Brammo Inc. is a leading electric vehicle technology company headquartered in North America. Brammo designs and develops electric vehicles including the award winning Enertia and Empulse motorcycles. Brammo is the 2013 North America, FIM eRR World Cup Champion. Brammo is an OEM supplier of its innovative Brammo Digital Drivetrain systems including the Brammo Power battery pack and Brammo Power vehicle management system. Brammo has vehicle distribution and marketing operations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

    To learn more, visit www.Brammo.com



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