• FB Blurb outs Brammo as bringing the RR to eMR Miller round

    This is a quickie, but hopefully will wet your appetite for news coming out of this weekends Miller Motorsports Park’s round of the eMotoRacing series. Here’s the post from last week’s post on the Electric Racing group on facebook:

    eMotoRacing coming to BonnevilleGP at Miller Motorsports Park Aug 30/31. The Brammo Racing Team including the fast RR, Zeus Racing Team from the Univ of Calgary, the debut of a full streamliner, plus privateers from all over…will you be there?
    This is the last race out west of the 10 round series, and it will be a good one!

    Follow eMotoracing and Brammo on Facebook. I will try to share on the ESBK.co Facebook page as best I can.

  • Press Release: University of Calgary to contest Miller round of eMR

    Another university to rescue of electric motorcycle racing. Excellent.

    TEAM ZEUS of the UNIVERSITY of CALGARY to contest eMotoRacing event at Miller Motorsports Park

    Press Release: for immediate release


    On August 29 – 31, eMotoRacing will hold it’s 8th race of the 2014 season at Miller Motorsports Park, Tooele, Utah.  We have had a great stirring of rumors as to who will be in attendance.  One thing is certain — there will be a good mix of contestants, including the official Brammo racing team, and Team “ZEUS” of the University of Calgary. “ZEUS” stands for “Zero Emission Ucalgary Superbike”, and the team is comprised of engineers, business and physics majors. The team will be racing their Generation I bike, which uses an Agni 95-R motor mounted to the frame of a 2004 Suzuki GSX 600, which was straight from the factory, and then stripped of its gasoline engine components.  We are excited to see this eBike in action!  To check out more about Team ZEUS, hit their website or facebook page.

  • Updated: Press Release: Darvill Racing to run European MotoE Series

    Update: After some angst expressed on Facebook, I got an update as Darvill had yet to show to either round of the MotoE series. Well this weekend, the same as round 2, they were racing the Classic TT which I am pretty certain would have taken presidency. When asked if the rumor they had dropped out is true on their Facebook page they replied, “No Richard just having a look at new machinery. Hope to be back shortly.”

    It looks like they are going to be the only production based bikes so far. But I say that as the second round has just finished up in Whales and I don’t really know what’s going on over there. Internet bites in the North Sea.


  • Press Release: Darvill Sets Speed Record on a Saietta!

    photo courtesy of Darvill racing


    OK, Discovery has Shark Week, so I’m gonna give what I call “Darvill Week” a go. Basically I am going to post up one of many of elmoto related press releases everyday this week. Not much to comment about as these pretty much say it all. But please comment on anything you would like to know, and I’ll do my best to find out. Here’s the first: Continue reading  Post ID 3771

  • eMotoRacing’s Review of the weekend at New Jersey and Arthur’s ride on VT’s ‘Bolt

    Better late than never?

    Hello again eRace Fans…

        New Jersey Motorsports Park is on a rural peninsula that looks more like North Florida than the New York-like place I expected. The locals were friendly, the racetrack facility was awesome, and the course was technical and grippy…my kind of place.  Even though this was my first visit to NJMP, one practice day was enough to get up to pretty good speed, as the track is easy to learn the basics…late apex. late apex, decreasing radius. To really get good at it another practice day or 2 would help…oh well, I’ll do my best with one day.

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  • Hollywood Electrics to sell Brammo motorcycles again

    You know, it has been a good long while since I have read something in the elmoto world that is far enough from my perception of what is, that it didn’t even register. This one caught me off guard. Like, when I first saw something on Facebook I dismissed it as there is something wrong with my contacts, off guard. But at the same time I believe it to be a very important moment in elmoto history.

    I’m gonna be frank, and at the risk of making some people unhappy. Hollywood electrics used to sell Brammo Enertias a few years back. Then the Empulse was released but never brought to market on time. About that time Hollywood Electrics stopped being a Brammo dealership, and even went so far as to offer a rebate of $1000 to anyone who had an Empulse on order and bought a Zero instead if, in fact, their Empulse was delivered when promised. Which, as we all know, it was not. As far as I could tell there were some bad feelings there. And with one off the record comment and other things I read on the internet (insert grain of salt here) that if I took the liberty to read between the lines, gave me a strong feeling that these two were never going to work together again. At least not for a long while. Well, we’re all adults and we know that stuff happens, and then you move on, and it is LA. Well, Hollywood Electrics still had their Zero line up that would improve dramatically every year and I don’t know of a year that they haven’t been Zero’s top selling dealership. The Zeros have come a long way and are a great bike, and a very good seller for Hollywood Electrics who every spring seem to never be able to get their hands on enough. Hollywood Electrics also are involved in racing, have a close relationship to Zero, and have contributed to the development of those bikes. Those guys fly the Zero flag, and do it very well. So, it would seem, well to me anyway, that they would have little to no need to add Brammo to their lineup. Having said that, I truly believe that the Zeros and Brammos don’t compete directly with each other, so adding an Empulse to their sales floor isn’t like selling a Yamaha R1 and adding a GSX-1000 to the sales fleet. And business is business. If Hollywood Electrics can expand then by all means they should! I don’t see this diminishing their Zero sales at all. It has just caught me by total surprise.

    So whatever tension there may have been from one side, the other, or both, it is possible something either has happened, or is happening, that overrides the past and brought them back together in a working relationship. It also possible, and more likely it could simply be Hollywood Electrics is expanding, which is a great thing. It could really be that simple. But you know me. It makes me wonder if Brammo doesn’t have something so cool on the horizon that Hollywood Electrics couldn’t not be a part of it.

    Best of luck to both! Continue reading  Post ID 3753

  • So Close, Yet so Far

    [Due to technical difficulties, or more likely user error, this never posted as it should have last week. My apologies to MotoE for not getting the word out on time]

    So here I am sitting in the Amsterdam Airport. Shortly after arriving I hooked my phone into the wifi in a desperate attempt to get my Delta app working and confirm the gate my flight to Norway is leaving from. Well, the app was telling me I was flying from the boondocks of Minnesota to St. Paul. Less than helpful. But I “checked in” (a nice social media feature on my windows phone) and Mike Edwards was kind enough to quickly pipe up and remind that the inaugural Moto-E race at Assen is this weekend, and that I wasn’t that far away. Agrhh, this job blows some times. I am actually here for work and simply on my way for another round of 35 days straight on the ship. I’m not going to be here for much more than an hour, much less hanging out for a race. I freaking wish.

    Another thing is that maybe you heard Jeremiah Johnson has been selected as the rider (replacement rider I believe) for the University of Nottingham’s bike. No matter how you slice it, that’s just cool. The Moto-E series is run by one of the former TTXGP employees, which has disappeared like a gorilla in the mist, or a ninja. I can’t make up my mind which. If some of you enjoyed the European governing body style drama of days of old, I suspect this series will have a small dash of that ingredient. But, I’m OK, if that isn’t the case. It looks like Moto-E had a great launch at the Goodwood festival, so we shall see how participation is at the first round, and subsequent rounds this year.

    In what seemed like the last bastion of the original elmoto racing series, the guy behind all of the media coverage for the Australian eFXC series announced they will not be continuing with their coverage for this year. And in even better news, I never finished editing those podcasts. As I was telling my grandfather, it amazing the amount of “manure” that piles up when you are gone for 5 weeks. There is actually an evish related blog post about some of this that is still unfolding. But it’s a personal experience and has nothing to do with motorcycles or racing. My poor 500 didn’t even have the cover lifted off of it accept to show it off to a buddy once. This working two jobs is for the birds, but it’s the price I pay for my cycling addiction. For those new to the site or with lives of their own, I work and my old job, a bicycle mechanic part time when I am home for my new job working out to sea on a ship.

    Now, I was motivated when I got home to do for the site. One of the first things I did was check on what it would take to get my motorcycle and car licenses. Yes, I have been carless since 2009, and simply let my license expire back in 2011. Well, I could have gotten the temp licenses/permits, but the actual driver’s exams are backed up 2 months. So I had to cancel my trip to NY to test the Energica. Not that I ever got any word back from them at all about that event. Plenty of other folks got the info and showed up. Sutff like that can make a man paranoid, but se la via. Also, with no time to work on the 500, or ability to get my license in a timely manner, any attempt to get to the two eMotoRacing rounds were thwarted. What is evident is that working two jobs, and getting enough bicycle riding in to try to keep myself healthy, and supporting family, are all conspiring to take away focus from this site. It’s just a reality. I’m not giving up, but as I can see with my serious drop in traffic, you all know I’m not as gun-ho as I was. Which is cool. I think if I can get the bike shop down to one day a week when I’m home it will work out for this site. We’ll see, as it has to work out for everyone.

    In the meantime keep an eye out at MotoE’s website for details on this weekend’s racing.